Corporate websites

If you have a company and still do not have a corporate website, this could be a good time to evolve and make yourself known through the Internet.

gilsys offers you a service tailored to your needs, to obtain a satisfactory website that meets your requirements.

There are many advantages that your website can offer you, here are some examples:

Enhancement of company image by adding value.
Keeping your clients informed about company updates.
Private area for clients, completely customized to their needs.
Attracting potential new clients by optimizing your website's positioning on major search engines.
Perfect complement to your business card.
Creation of news and publication blogs.
Ability to create newsletters where website visitors can subscribe. This way you can send updates about your company to all users.
Automatic publication of news, imported from other websites in the sector using RSS technology.
Issuing news in RSS format to keep subscribers up to date and other websites can import them.