Specialists in custom software programming, apps, and web application development

Experience and quality

20 years offering high-quality service to top-level clients.

gilsys’ identity is based on always delivering a professional result, meeting a high level of demand, commitment, and seriousness.


Jordi Gil
Jordi Gil
Software Engineer, Founder


gilsys was born in 2004 with the idea of ​​providing innovative and personalized solutions based on open source software.

The satisfaction demonstrated by our clients over this time validates our work and encourages us to continue striving to offer the best services.


We deliver solid and stable products that allow you to work with peace of mind and meet the established requirements.
We believe it is essential for you to know the status of your project in order to make the necessary decisions and achieve the intended final result.
We know what we’re doing. 20 years in the industry have allowed us to work on projects in very diverse fields, with clients at both national and international levels.
We provide solutions considering what is best for the client, both technically and economically.
We constantly research to provide innovative results that bring the required added value in each development.
We develop with a focus on the project’s performance and its future scalability.

Free software

We work intensively with the most solid tools, frameworks, and products offered by open-source software.

By using open-source software, you will save costly licenses and obtain a customized result according to your exact needs.

Today, open-source software has a very important community of users and developers, so most online stores, blogs, and even content management websites are based on this type of product.

In addition to final solutions like the ones mentioned, we also find a large number of open-source code frameworks, very useful for developing the most complex custom projects.


Private software

The use of commercial software, libraries, and external services is an advantage to consider when planning a project.

In certain situations, it is more cost-effective to purchase commercial licenses to cover specific requirements than to develop a project or certain functionalities from scratch, whether it’s due to performance, complexity, or specific client requirements.

At gilsys, we will advise you on the best solution for each project.

Work methodology

Although gilsys approaches each project individually and customized, at a generic level, our working methodology defines the following phases:


  • Requirement gathering,

    where you present your concerns to us so that we can present a proposal to you.

  • Proposal presentation,

    which details the development to be carried out along with the corresponding budget.

  • Proposal adjustment,

    in case it is necessary to modify any aspect of the initial proposal.

  • Definition of timeline guide,

    where dates for the start and end of each project phase are established.

  • Design,

    of the user interface if necessary, where mockups will be presented and adjusted according to your criteria.

  • System programming,

    to perform the defined functionalities.

  • Demonstration,

    where the obtained solution is presented for validation.

  • Delivery,

    to carry out the project implementation.

  • Maintenance,

    where adjustments and corrections will be made.

  • Extensions,

    to cover new functionalities required by the client.

If necessary, the project can have an integration environment to perform tests, at a private level, of new functionalities before they are available to the public and to perform intensive tests of performance and stability.