Intranets and private websites

Intranets replace the concept of “one program per user” with “a private web portal for the entire company or group of companies.” This allows users to work together in a more comfortable and effective way, avoiding tedious tasks to maintain centralized and organized information.

The Intranet is hosted on a server, where all users connect through a web browser. This makes maintenance much more convenient and avoids having to solve problems individually for each user.

The functionalities that can be implemented in an Intranet are endless; for each client, an analysis of their requirements is conducted to determine their exact needs.

The main benefits it can provide are as follows:

Group Work: You can collaborate on projects, track changes in files, and exchange and share information.
Easy Maintenance and Updates: All users connect to the same portal.
Accessible Information from any computer; no additional software installation is required, only a web browser.
User Profiles with different access privileges to different sections of the Intranet.
Scalable Development: It can be expanded according to the evolution of your needs.